WILD11 Resolutions

Jaipur, India ~ 19-26 ~ March 2020

Participate in the WILD11 Resolutions

WILD11, in keeping with the World Wilderness Congress tradition, will produce Resolutions that are the consensus “voice” of the assembled delegates. Our process is characterized by a few basic principles and produced through a process operating under a set of simple guidelines. The responsibility to guide this process resides with a Resolutions Committee.

For WILD11:

WILD11 Resolutions Committee: Chair: Sebastià Semene Guitart (Andorra); Denielle Perry (USA); Magnus Sylven (Switzerland); Samyukta Chemudupati (India); Bhavna Menon (India).

1. Subject needs to relate to an issue  presented at Congress
2. Must be solution-oriented and non-condemnatory
3. Sources of suggested financing and  action must be real and named…no generalities and “blue-skies”
4. Proposer and two seconders are registered delegates, with active emails
5. Members of the Executive and Planning Committee are available to advise the process.

1. An on-line form is available — all submissions, feedback, comments, approvals and/or objections are electronic and operated through a web-based notice board and app.
2. The Committee reviews all submissions, interviews proposers if necessary, takes feedback, makes suggested edits, and integrates with similar or related suggested resolutions.
3. One set of hard copy review drafts will be posted (see timeframe), will be online and on app.
4. Proposer approves or withdraws final submission.
5. Committee members approves final Resolutions by acclaim (or committee vote if necessary).
6. Finals posted on web and app.

“GENERAL RESOLUTIONS”  (Reviewed by delegates, approved by Resolutions Committee)
1 Resolution Process begins on line on 6 February, approx. 6 weeks before Opening Day.
2 Revisions and feedback with proposers can start immediately
3 First draft Resolutions posted by midnight (UK)1 March
4 Objections or modifications submitted online to Committee by midday, 1200 hrs (UK), on 8 March